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Therapy for
Miscarriage & Infertility

Sometimes things do not always work out the way that we planned.


Losing a child at any stage is never an easy experience. When dealing with the grief that a miscarriage brings oftentimes women find themselves in the throws of depression and anxiety. You feel isolated and alone. You are on an emotional roller coaster while the rest of the world continues on as if nothing has happened. Not only are you grieving, but your body is still processing hormones and healing medically. 

Infertility is a similar loss for women. You are experiencing the loss of a dream that you have carried with you for as long as you can remember. You may feel like your body has betrayed you and lose hope in what the future will hold. Maybe you are contemplating the next step. Fortunately, therapy has been a proven effective tool in helping to aid your heart to a full recovery. 

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